Investigative Services

We offer the following investigation services

Infidelity Investigations

Are you suspicious? Is your partner behaving strangely? Receiving “private” calls and messages?

Do they say things that just do not add up? Are they really at the place they claim to be….. Or are they SOMEWHERE ELSE? [read more]

Factual Investigations

Have you had an accident and you do not believe you are in fault? Are you an insurance company and require Factual Investigators? [read more]

Surveillance and Observation

Our surveillance division have conducted in-excess of a 10,000 observation and surveillance jobs in the past 10 years. [read more]

Workplace & Corporate Investigations

Are you concerned that your employees are selling your secrets to others? Do you suspect that someone else is selling your products without permission? [read more]

Skip Tracing

We are registered with TRA, Global X, Access Information, and many more search engines and databases to maximize our results. We also send out our team members to the Australian Electoral Office for up to date electoral roll searches. [read more]


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