Technical Investigation Services

Is your phone tapped?

Your information is valuable. Scammers, stalkers, business competitors and identity thieves all seek to uncover information about you or your business to use for their purposes.

One would never suspect the tactics used by fraudsters and criminals who can get your phone tapped or hack into your system to steal information about you. To protect yourself, your business and your family from online threats and people who would violate your privacy by getting your phone tapped. GRS offers the following services:

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Bug sweeping / Phone Analysis

Whether protecting from corporate espionage, family law disputes or simply keeping a “clean house”, GRS Investigations can sweep your home, your office, your boardroom, your car, or any other location for bugs, trackers or hidden cameras and transmitters. [read more]

Online presence checks

Is the employee behind that impressive resume and confident interview a potential liability to your company and its reputation? Is the business you are looking to invest your hard earned money into really on the level? [read more]

Electronic Device Analysis

Are your electronic devices broadcasting your every online move to the world? Does your mobile “phone home” to a home that isn’t yours? [read more]

Information Security Risk Assessment

GRS can come to you and audit your electronic environment to ensure you aren’t broadcasting your personal information all over cyberspace for identity thieves to steal. [read more]

Cyber Bullying Monitoring

Let’s face it; today’s environment has nothing to do with yesterdays’ lifestyle. Knives, bashings, bullying and drugs are unfortunately hard enough to deal with let alone the ONLINE WORLD of the same. [read more]


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